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There are rail strikes planned for May and June, which may affect your journey to our hospital and community centres. If you or your child has an appointment booked, please do all you can to attend. Plan your journey ahead and allow extra time.

Neuropsychology team

This section provides information about some of the staff you may meet.

Clinical neuropsychologists

  • Dr Isabel Garrood – clinical neuropsychologist (PYL05670 | BPS Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists No.: SRCN 0002622018294​)
  • Dr Alison Blencowe – clinical psychologist in neuropsychology (PYL34875)
  • Dr Anna Hurley – clinical psychologist in neuropsychology (PYL27144)
  • Helen Chester  – clinical physiologist
  • Lisa McReynolds  –  clinical physiologist
  • Claudia Moreira  –  clinical physiologist
  • Dr Stephanie Satariano – educational psychologist in neuropsychology (PYL29754)
  • Dr Sarah Rudebeck – clinical psychologist in neuropsychology (PLY32584)


  • Sejal Joshi

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