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Neuropsychology team

This section provides information about some of the staff you may meet.

Clinical neuropsychologists

  • Dr Isabel Garrood – clinical neuropsychologist (PYL05670 | BPS Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists No.: SRCN 0002622018294​)
  • Dr Alison Blencowe – clinical psychologist in neuropsychology (PYL34875)
  • Dr Anna Hurley – clinical psychologist in neuropsychology (PYL27144)
  • Helen Chester  – clinical physiologist
  • Lisa McReynolds  –  clinical physiologist
  • Claudia Moreira  –  clinical physiologist
  • Dr Stephanie Satariano – educational psychologist in neuropsychology (PYL29754)
  • Dr Sarah Rudebeck – clinical psychologist in neuropsychology (PLY32584)


  • Sejal Joshi

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