Pill school

Why is our pill school helpful?

Our pill school supports children make the switch from oral liquid medicines to solid pill medications. Our training sessions are conducted by healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and play specialists), and we use sweets of different sizes during the training sessions.

Although some children find oral liquid medicines easier to swallow, there are advantages to swallowing pills instead: 

  • Parents no longer need to measure out doses.
  • No special tools are needed (no oral syringes or measuring cups).
  • It is easier to store pill medicine (no refrigeration is needed).
  • It is easier to carry pill medicine around (for example at school or when travelling).
  • Pills often have a longer expiry date than liquid medicines.
  • It is often easier to get pills from the community pharmacy.
  • Pills do not have the unpleasant taste that some liquids medicines have.
  • Pills, as opposed to oral liquid medicines, have been reported to improve medication adherence.
  • Pills are often less expensive to produce.

Who can benefit from our pill school?

  • Children as young as three years old and above.
  • Children taking oral liquid or manipulated pills (eg crushed tablets).
  • Children with non-physical difficulties in swallowing.
  • Children who have had their medication regimen assessed as suitable for pills by a doctor, pharmacist or a nurse.

Taking part in our training will give your child a life skill that will be beneficial as they grow up.