Happy Mother's Day to Evelina London mums

Posted on Friday 4th March 2016
Evelina London mums and their children

Evelina London patients and their mums

To mark Mother’s Day 2016 we celebrate some of the amazing mums of patients at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

Having a child in hospital can be difficult and stressful. Kerry, Claire and Ami are just three of the incredible mums whose children are being treated at Evelina London.

They shared their stories and experiences of our children’s hospital and posed for photos which we will be sharing on social media to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Kerry and David

Eight year old David was visiting Evelina London for an MRI scan which will determine the next steps for his care.

Although he and his family live near Cardiff, David has been under the care of Evelina London Children’s Hospital since he was just three-days-old after being transferred to our specialist heart services.

Mum Kerry says: “David loves the hospital and doesn’t mind visiting at all. He’s treated so well that each time we visit the experience is turned from a negative into a positive. He particularly likes the playroom on the ward. The staff are amazing, they’re our angels.”

Claire and Ellie

Thirteen year old Ellie has been treated at Evelina London for four years. She is currently undergoing deep brain stimulation (DBS) for her cerebral palsy which helps her to control involuntary movements caused by her muscles.

Mum Claire says: “Ellie is a very determined girl with a wicked sense of humour. She uses her feet as hands and can even use a computer with her feet. She’s a huge Justin Bieber fan, so much so that we brought his doll in for treatment with her. The doll went into the operating theatre with her and even came out with a matching head bandage. She’s currently really excited that she has tickets for a Justin Bieber concert in November.”

Ami and Lola-May

Lola-May has a complicated heart condition which means she has been treated by Evelina London since she was just eighteen-days-old. Now aged two and a half, Lola-May is currently recovering from her second open heart surgery.

Mum Ami says: “Lola visits the playroom every day and absolutely loves going to the hospital school. She actually asks to go to school all the time where she most enjoys singing, playing in the sandpit and hearing stories.”

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