New COVID-19 wellbeing clinic helps families return to school

Posted on Tuesday 25th May 2021
Sunshine House is part of Evelina London

Sunshine House, part of Evelina London.

Over 70 families in Lambeth and Southwark have been supported by Evelina London’s innovative COVID-19 wellbeing clinic created by our school nursing team

The clinic provides practical one-on-one advice for parents or their children who have anxiety or worries around COVID-19 that have impacted on daily activities such as going to school, healthy eating, exercise and sleep.

For some children, young people, or their families, COVID-19 guidance to stay at home during national lockdowns can mean that when children are able to return to school in person strong feelings of anxiety or worry can prevent children from going back to school. For others it has impacted on other parts of their daily life. This is where our wellbeing clinics can help.

Within a week of contacting, or being referred to Evelina London, families have a 45 minute phone or video call where the specially trained school nurse listens to their concerns and provides tailored advice to help support the family work towards feeling comfortable returning to school. The advice and tips can range from the importance of routine, fresh air and sleep tips, to the benefits of school for child development and general information about COVID-19. The nurses can also have face-to-face sessions with children or young people to talk through any worries they have and what can be done together, and with the school, to help. This can include reducing how much news they watch, going for walks, talking to someone, or relaxation exercises.

The school nurses are trained to also support parents with their own wellbeing, including helping them to access professional support for coping with anxiety or stress where needed.

Young people aged 11-19 can also contact the school nurses with questions any time by text through our ChatHealth service, on 07507 332 150.

Children, young people, from 5 to 19 years old, and their families from Lambeth and Southwark can use the clinics. Please call 020 3049 4777 to speak to our school nursing team and use the wellbeing clinic, or text our ParentLine on 07520 631 130.