Savannah ward Dragonfly

Savannah Dragonfly is a national centre for complex motor disorders, managing dystonia using techniques such deep brain stimulation and intrathecal baclofen devices. We manage a wide variety of neurological conditions such as stroke, encephalitis and complex epilepsy and collaborate closely with palliative care teams and local hospices.

Our neurology and inherited metabolic disease (IMD) service is one of the main centres in the UK offering treatment to patients with all types of IMD, providing a tertiary service to both regional patients in the south of England and from overseas. We see more than 300 new patients each year with over 200 admissions to our 16 bedded unit for acute diagnosis and emergency management. We manage many complex conditions including organic acidemias and urea cycle disorders, and are a national centre for glycogen storage disorders.

Our specialist clinical educator supports and encourages learning at all levels, offering frequent training opportunities as well as one-to-one teaching. We also benefit from a large clinical nurse specialist team, who actively support the ward in training and development.