Jean-Pierre Lin

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Consultant paediatric neurologist

Jean-Pierre Lin - consultant paediatric neurologist

Area of expertise: general neurology, movement disorders.

Languages spoken: English, French, German


Jean-Pierre Lin qualified in medicine in 1983 from Edinburgh University Medical School. After further training, including adult neurology and paediatrics, he obtained an Edinburgh University George Guthrie Research Fellowship from 1990-1994. This led to a PhD within the Department of Physiology at Edinburgh University studying motor assessments in cerebral palsy supervised by E Geoffrey Walsh, motor physiologist, and J Keith Brown, paediatric neurologist.

In 1994, Jean-Pierre Lin left Scotland to become a senior registrar in children's neurology at Great Ormond Street Hospital, proceeding to his current permanent post as consultant paediatric neurologist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Specialist services developed 1997

  1. Director, Clinical Gait and Movement Laboratory 1997-99: for children with cerebral palsy undergoing complex orthopaedic procedures.
  2. The movement therapy clinics 1997-2008: aimed at tailoring specific motor management strategies, particularly targeted intramuscular botulinum toxin A injections for children with central motor disorders.
  3. The complex motor disorders assessment and management Service (CMDS) 2006-present: to deliver deep brain stimulation for children with dystonia and intrathecal baclofen pump implants for children with spasticity alone or mixed spasticity-dystonia.

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