Fetal cardiology team

This section provides information about some of the staff you may meet.


  • Trisha Vigneswaran – clinical lead for fetal cardiology, consultant in fetal and children's cardiology   
  • John Simpson  – consultant in fetal and children's cardiology
  • Owen Miller – consultant in fetal and children's cardiology, clinical director for cardiorespiratory Intensive care unit
  • Vita Zidere – consultant in fetal and children's cardiology
  • Thomas Day – honorary consultant in fetal and children's cardiology 
  • David Lloyd – locum consultant fetal cardiologist. Fetal cardiac MRI specialist
  • Bev Tsai-Goodman - consultant fetal cardiologist


As a national training unit for fetal cardiology, we have 1-3 specialist doctors who are completing their subspecialist training in fetal cardiology.

Clinical nurse specialists

  • Alice Hurn
  • Carole Moreland  
  • Grace Moriarty 
  • Sherrida Rollings
  • Claire Suckling 
  • Julie Williamson


  • Karolina Hall – lead sonographer
  • Nicky Callaghan – sonographer and clinical nurse specialist
  • Louise Rinaldi – sonographer
  • Alex Savis –  sonographer
  • Jessica Haycocks – sonographer


  • Sandra Ngabonziza – medical secretary
  • Aqsa Hussain – medical secretary
  • Rafia Aslam – fetal administrator

Service manager

  • Farzana Shaikh