Clinical genetics team

Head of service: Dr Adam Shaw
Cancer genetics service lead: Dr Adam Shaw
General genetics service lead: Dr Dragana Josifova
Service manager: Eleanor Davis

Consultant clinical geneticists

Clinical geneticists are medical doctors with specialist experience in rare genetic disorders.

General genetics

Cancer genetics

Cardiac genetics

Specialist registrars

  • Dr Helena Carley
  • Dr Arwa Babai
  • Dr Rhys Dore
  • Dr Viraj Patel
  • Dr Charlotte Baker
  • Dr Harriet Cullen

All clinical genetic specialist registrars are doctors who have completed several years of postgraduate training in general medicine or paediatrics and have completed their membership examinations (MRCP or MRCPCH). Many of our trainees also have higher research degrees. 

Our trainees have the chance to experience each sub-speciality in genetics over a 4-year training programme, during which they will lead clinical consultations, manage inpatient referrals, shadow consultants, attend multi-disciplinary meetings, deliver teaching, conduct audits and be involved in genetic research. The main areas of focus during the training programme are: paediatrics, dysmorphology, cancer genetics, cardiac genetics, neurogenetics and prenatal genetics.


Phone: 020 7188 1364

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm