Infection testing service

This service is for children and young people who are at high risk of having infections. Many infections can have no symptoms yet can be harmful in the long term. We'll test for infections so we can treat them before they cause health issues.

During your appointment

Your appointment will be on a Tuesday morning.

A nurse will meet you to check you or your child is well today. Please tell the nurse if there are any new health issues.

We'll let you know which specific infections we're going to test for. We'll test your blood, pee and poo (stool). These can be collected in clinic. If you can get a stool pot (from your GP) to bring a poo sample to the appointment, this is helpful.

We'll arrange a language interpreter for your visit if you need one.

After your appointment

We'll contact you to talk about the reuslts of your tests. We'll let you know if you need to have more tests or treatments.


Clinical nurse specialist phone: 07771 678353

We'll answer the phone 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.