Neonatal nursing team

Mum and nurse and Evelina London SCBU

There are over 150 nurses on our team.

They work a shift system, handing over your child's care at 8am and 8pm.

There is a photo board of the team just inside the Neonatal Unit so you can see who's who.


The Neonatal Unit is led by lead nurse Alex Phillips and has two matrons.They are in charge of the nursing staff in the Unit.

Our matrons are Patrick Desmonde and Justien Duncan. You can contact them by calling the Unit's main reception on 020 7188 4045.

They have extensive experience of caring for sick or pre-term babies. 

NICU nurses

It is usual for a nurse in the NICU or HDU to care for two babies during each shift. The nurses will care for your baby and help you to look after her/him.

To contact a NICU nurse, call the nurses station on 020 7188 8847.

SCBU nurses

It is usual for a nurse to look after up to four babies during each shift. The nurses in the SCBU will continue to promote the wellbeing of your baby and to make him/her strong enough to go home.

To contact the HDU or SCBU nurse, call the nurses station on 020 7188 8846. 

Outreach nurses

The outreach team is a small team of neonatal nurses who specialise in helping you to prepare for your baby going home.

A nurse from the outreach team is present on the SCBU ward rounds. They will introduce themselves to you and will give you more information about how they can help.

Find out more on the Leaving the Neonatal Unit page.