Infection prevention and control

Washing your hands

 With regular audits and strict hygiene standards we work hard and place great importance in reducing the risk of infection for your children.

How you can help

Infections can increase the time it takes your child to recover and can lead to a longer stay in hospital.

To help us fight infection:

  • please follow our hand hygiene guidance and encourage your child to do the same
  • if you notice that a ward area, toilet or bathroom is dirty, please tell a member of staff straight away
  • try not to touch your child's wound or drip and don't take off their dressings
  • if your child's visitors are under the weather, ask them not to visit while they are unwell.

Why can't all infections be avoided?

However hard we work, not all infections can be avoided – your child may:

  • already have an infection when they come into hospital
  • be having surgery or treatment that increases the risk of infection
  • have a low immune system (the body's defence system), making them more vulnerable to infections.


Washing your hands

Encourage your child to follow the handwashing steps in our easy read leaflet How to keep your hands clean (PDF 354Kb)