Ambulance workers are planning strike action on Friday 10 February. Learn more.

A number of transport strikes are due to take place this February. If you or your child has an appointment at one of our hospitals or community centres, please plan ahead and do all you can to attend. If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact your clinical team.

Specialist network

Helping children and young people access our services closer to home
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Delivering our services outside of London

Our vision is to deliver care locally where possible and appropriate, helping children and young people access specialist care and expertise in their local area. Our network covers the south east of England and beyond, supporting innovation and improvements in health and care. We also promote learning and quality improvement.

At present, we offer a number of our services at partner hospitals. These include: 

Where you can find our services

Information for health professionals

Our network also involves building and strengthening relationships between network partnership hospitals and Evelina aiming to improving patient pathways and quality of care. Part of working closely with colleagues across the network is our offer to relevant clinical professionals various education and study days, including our multi-speciality days run by the Evelina education department in conjunction with the networks team. 


Get in touch about an appointment

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should be on your appointment letter or visit the website pages for your specific service to find their contact information.

Referring to our service

Referral information is available for each service by visiting their specific website pages.

Contact us for another reason

If you would like to contact the team about things not relating to appointments or referrals, please email EvelinaLondonNetwork

Our team

Dr Owen Miller, director of specialist networks

Hannah Melvin, specialist network manager

Ilin Hayter, specialist networks coordinator