Children's day surgery unit leaflets

This page lists a wide range of information leaflets that our health professionals have written about children's day surgery procedures. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every 3 years to keep it up to date.

The procedures take place in our children's day surgery unit. This unit is based in a main building called the Children's Day Treatment Centre.

We recommend that all parents or carers read these 2 important leaflets:

This leaflet tells you what you need to know about your child's visit to our children's day surgery unit. It includes information about how to prepare, what happens on the day of the procedure and when your child can go home. The information in this leaflet is also available on a website page.

Information about your child's general anaesthetic. This is a medicine that makes your child sleep and stops them feeling any pain during the procedure. The leaflet answers your questions and explains possible side effects or complications.

Leaflets on specific children's day surgery procedures 



More information about the children's day surgery unit

Travel information for getting to our children’s day surgery unit

Our children's day surgery unit is next to Evelina London Children's Hospital.