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Learn about Evelina London's pioneering work in pieces written for our 150th birthday year

Health writer, Jeremy Laurance, celebrates areas of healthcare where our experts have been leading the way. These pieces, written in 2019, explore how our staff have been contributing to their fields.





Spotlight on metabolic medicine: Doctors of the cell

Read about how a family tragedy inspired Dr Mike Champion to pursue a career in inherited metabolic diseases and find out why metabolic medicine is a rapidly advancing field.






Spotlight on neonatal medicine: Saving babies at the edge of life

Evelina London’s neonatal specialists explain what makes our neonatal unit, one of the most outstanding.


A girl learning about her asthma treatment



Spotlight on The Children and Young People's Health Partnership:

Stopping asthma attacks before they start

Find out how we are bringing care out of hospitals and into the community to intervene early and prevent long-term disease.





Our history

We are over 150 years old, find out why we can say we were built with love.