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What do you do?

A colourful child's drawing containing the question "what do you do?"

Find out what it's like to work at Evelina London

Hear from staff about their day to day roles, their passions and how they try to make a difference for our patients and their families every day.


Andrea Swan is a matron at Evelina London

 May 2022


Andrea Swan, matron

Andrea explains why she loves her role as matron for Sky cardiology, Snow Leopard and respiratory services.




Raymund is a nurse at Evelina London

 May 2022


Raymund Pula, practice development nurse 

Learn why Raymund enjoys his role within the operating theatres and recovery room at Evelina London




Michael Bell is a clinical nurse specialist at Evelina London

 April 2022


Michael Bell, PIMS-TS clinical nurse specialist

Find out how Michael supports patients who have Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS-TS) and their families.


Grainne Walsh, an advance nurse practitioner in Evelina London's kidney transplant team

 March 2022


Gráinne Walsh, advanced nurse practitioner 

Gráinne shares her passions and proudest moments as part of our kidney transplant team.


Cavette Castillo works at Evelina London

 October 2021


Cavette Castillo, head of nursing

Cavette describes her inspirational career journey and why she loves developing her team.


An asthma clinical nurse specialist at Evelina London

 September 2021


Ashira Simmons, clinical nurse specialist 

Learn why Ashira is passionate about helping children and young people to manage their asthma



Nicola Crowley is a doctor at Evelina London

 September 2021


Nicki Crowley, doctor at Evelina London

Find out about Nicki Crowley's special fellowship in our neonatal unit and why she is so excited about Family Integrated Care (FICare). 



Federico is a clinical nurse specialist at Evelina London

 July 2021


Federico Tabios, clinical nurse specialist

Federico is a clinical nurse specialist for infection prevention and control at Evelina London. Find out why he loves his role.


Ellen Samuel is a matron at Evelina London

 May 2021


Ellen Samuel, matron

Ellen tells us about why she is still excited about working for Evelina London after 30 years. Read about how our new children's day surgery centre will improve our hospital for our patients and their families



Shadae, a nurse at Evelina London, smiling.

 October 2020


Shadae-Marie Brown, children’s nurse

Shadae talks about inspiring positive change by celebrating and supporting our black staff and patients. Read about Shadae's passion for providing safe and effective patient care for all




 January 2020


Patrice Alexander, patient safety and quality manager

Patrice says that, for her, Evelina London is like one big family. Read about Patrice's years as a renal nurse and learn about how her career has progressed since her student days.



 December 2019


Nicole Boga, lead medical secretary

Nicole has won multiple awards for her work as a medical secretary at Evelina London. Find out more about Nicole's role and learn about why the cook-off she organises twice a year makes her so proud.



Then and now

We are over 150 years old but some things never change. Find out what we're still doing then and now