Then and now

A child's drawing with the words "then" and "now"

Since 1869, we've been saving lives, improving health and inspiring better futures. To help mark our 150th year, here are some of our best historical photos next to similar recent shots.

We turned 150 in 2019, but some things never change...

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We're still giggling.

We have over 2,500 members of staff all of whom want to see our patients smile. Would you like to join our team?

A black and white photo of nurse and a small child laughing next to a colour photo of a baby laughing with a play specialist.

The black and white photo of the nurse and child is from 1950s and by Herbert Kevin Nolan. The colour photo shows play specialist, Clare Perrett, with a baby.

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We’re still decorating our wards.

Did you know that our hospital's wards have a "natural world" theme?

Decorated wards at Evelina London. One is black and white. The other is colour,

The black and white photo shows Astley Cooper ward in 1910. The colour photo shows Savannah ward.

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We're still providing the best care we can.

Today we see more than 95,000 children and young people in hospital and in the community, and we're still growing.

Two pictures of infants in cots at Evelina London. One is black and white. The other is in colour.

The black and white photo is believed to show a doctor at a child’s bed in 1896.The colour photo shows Snow Leopard ward.

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We're still fundraising.

Did you know that we have our own fundraising team? Learn more about their work and how you can get involved. 

A calendar from 1903 mentioning fundraising activities, next to a modern fundraising poster.

The fundraising calendar above, encouraging people to make donations, is from 1903. The modern poster is from our Challenge 150 campaign.

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We're still cheering up our patients.

We try to make things as fun as possible for our patients. Learn about the enjoyable things to do at Evelina London.

Nurses cheering up young children at Evelina London. One photo is in colour. The other is in black and white.

The black and white photo was taken in the 1950s by Herbert Kevin Nolan. The corresponding photo is from Savannah ward.

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We're still performing cutting-edge surgery

Read about a neurology world first.

Surgeons operating on patients. One photo is in colour. The other photo is in black and white

The black and white photo shows an operating theatre in the 1900s. The modern photo shows deep brain stimulation being performed in 2019.

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We're still making our patients feel safe and comfortable.

We put our patients at the heart of everything we do. Read blogs by young people describing their experiences. 

A black and white photo of a nurse comforting a girl next to a similar modern day photo

The black and white photo of a nurse and child was taken by Herbert Kevin Nolan in the 1950s. The modern photo shows staff nurse, Amy Hilleard, on Snow Fox ward with a patient.


A child's drawing of hearts, including one large rainbow heart.

Thank you to the children and young people who have so brilliantly illustrated our history pages.

‘You’ve got this’ blog

We have given young people a platform to share their stories and give an insight into living with a range of conditions.
See our Evelina 150 Blog, written by patients we help in their own words.