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"You've got this"

We have created a special space for our patients to tell us, in their own words, what Evelina London means to them. We help children and young people with a variety of conditions, and we've invited several of them to share their experiences of being treated for these and beyond.

We love the expression "You've got this", and are inspired by the bravery of our patients every day. Read our "You've got this" blogs to find out how we are making a difference, directly from the amazing young people that we help. It is impossible not to be moved by reading about the challenges they have overcome and their hopes for the future.


Hear from Will, aged 19
March 2024

Will explains what it is like to have Crohn's disease.

Read Will's blog to find out about his journey with Crohn's disease his best memories of Evelina London. 


Hear from Emily, aged 21
February 2024

Emily shares about her experience of having 4 open-heart surgeries at Evelina London. 

Read Emily's blog to find out why she returned to Evelina London on her graduation day. 


Hear from Archie, aged 18
October 2023

Archie tells us about his experience of having a kidney transplant at Evelina London. 

Read Archie's blog to find out about why Evelina London felt like a second home to him. 



Hear from Katie, aged 20
December 2022

In her second blog, Katie, now 20, explains why she still enjoys giving back to Evelina London. 

4 years after her first entry, read Katie's new blog to find out why Evelina London still means so much to her and how she has been supporting us. 



Felicity, who receives treatment at Evelina London.

Hear from Felicity, aged 17
February 2020

Felicity gives an insight into living with narcolepsy.

Read Felicity’s blog to find out how an overnight sleep study at Evelina London helped to diagnose her condition.



Matthew rockclimbing

Hear from Matthew, aged 11
January 2020

Matthew tells us how allergies have affected him.

In Matthew’s blog, he shares why living with allergies is more complicated than just being unable to eat certain foods.



Amelia smiling with green leaves behind her.

Hear from Amelia, aged 17
September 2019

Amelia writes about her experience of Supraventricular Tachycardia.

In Amelia’s blog, she explains why successful treatment for her heart condition inspired her to fundraise for Evelina London.


Isabelle smiling and wearing a colourful dress.

Hear from Isabelle, aged 13
September 2019

Isabelle does not let Cerebral Palsy define her.

In Isabelle’s blog, she explains why she is not "just the girl in a wheelchair". Learn about her passion for judo and her dreams for the future. 


Alice wearing an Evelina London t-shirt.

Hear from Alice, aged 18
August 2019

Alice tells us why she thinks Evelina London is a special place to work.

Read Alice’s blog to learn about her close relationship with Evelina London and why she's been so impressed by the care her siblings have received.


Munkh playing with lego at Evelina London hospital

Hear from Munkh, aged 11
July 2019

Munkh tells us about life with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia (DBA), a rare blood condition.

Read Munkh’s blog to find out about his experiences over many years as a patient at Evelina London.


Read Payvin's blog about diabetes

Hear from Payvin, aged 14
May 2019

Payvin writes about life with Type 1 diabetes.

Read Payvin's blog to find out why she thinks it's important not to let diabetes, chronic pain or any other health problems get in your way.


Tilly Moore, an arthritis patient at Evelina London, standing in front of the sea.
Hear from Tilly, aged 14
April 2019

Tilly tells us what it’s like to be a teen with arthritis.

Read Tilly's blog to find out how she stays mentally strong and physically active despite her condition.


Katie Braybrook outside Evelina London hospital
Hear from Katie, aged 16
March 2019

Katie writes about her treatment at Evelina London for scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

Read Katie's blog to find out how surgery successfully straightened her spine, and how her treatment at Evelina London has inspired her to give back and help others.


Uzayr's blog

Hear from Uzayr, aged 14
February 2019

Uzayr tells us how his life has been transformed by an altruistic kidney donation and treatment at Evelina London.

Read Uzayr's blog to find out more about his journey from regular kidney dialysis to enjoying more freedom than ever before.

Congratulations to all our award-winning bloggers! 

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