How we're run

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Board holds legal accountability for the Trust, including Evelina London Women's and Children's Clinical Group.

Evelina London Women's and Children's Clinical Group is one of four clinical groups within the Trust.

As a clinical group our leadership team has formally devolved responsibility for services for women, children and young people, and has a significant degree of delegated authority.

We organise ourselves into five clinical directorates which have their own management teams:

  • Children’s Medicine and Neonatology
  • Children’s Surgery, Theatres and Anaesthesia
  • Children’s Cardio-respiratory and Intensive Care
  • Children’s Community Services
  • Women’s Services

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The Evelina London Women's and Children's Clinical Group Board

Our Board provides assurance to the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Board on the operational, quality and safety and financial performance of the clinical group.  Although it is not a formal decision making body it is able to take decisions through the collective authority of its members.

The role of our Board is to:

  • Monitor operational, quality and safety, and financial performance.
  • Ensure the clinical group is operating within the Trust's strategic and operational framework
  • Monitor key risks and issues
  • Provide external advice and independent challenge.
  • Make sure that the experience of our patients and families is central to our decision making


The Evelina London Women's and Children's Clinical Group Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has overall responsibility for ensuring the safety, quality, effectiveness and financial sustainability of all our services for women, children, young people and their families. It is the most senior level decision making committee within the clinical group.

The role our Executive Committee is to:

  • Oversee the strategic and operational management of the clinical group.
  • Provide assurance to the Evelina London Women's and Children's Clinical Group Board.

There are seven sub-committees which are authorised to make decisions on matters referred by the Executive Committee. These sub-committees cover topics such as: operations, people, resource and investment, patient experience, clinical governance, research and innovation and equality, diversity and inclusion.

Executive Committee

Our leadership behaviours

We have a set of leadership behaviours that we expect from managers, consultants and anyone in a leadership role.

Staff should:

  • lead with kindness
  • be visible and engaged
  • have absolute focus
  • be open and honest
  • collaborate and connect.