What do you do, Shadae-Marie?

Shadae-Marie Brown is a clinical educator in the children's long term ventilation service
Colourful question marks drawn by a child

""What is your current role?

I've worked at Evelina London for just over 4 years as a children’s nurse. I currently work as a clinical educator in the children's long term ventilation service. Before this I have worked on Mountain ward and in the haemoglobinopathies team. I also trained here for 3 years as a student!

In 2020 with the support of senior leaders at Evelina London I ran a project all about celebrating and supporting our Black staff and patients, and raising awareness of the obstacles experienced by Black staff, patients and families.

How has this come about and what does it involve?

I had watched the news about the tragic and unfair death of a Black American, George Floyd, in America in May 2020. Like most people, my heart was heavy and I was mourning someone I never knew. I spoke to my ward sister and matron about my feelings and how upset I was that I felt the Black Lives Matter movement, which was happening across the world as a result of George Floyd’s death, had not been addressed. Where things went from that impromptu conversation in the middle of a long day shift, I could have never imagined. I was encouraged to write a newsletter for staff at Evelina London to foster open conversations about race and to raise awareness of issues surrounding it.

The support I received was fantastic. Colleagues from across the organisation reached out to me and I was overwhelmed. Ideas flourished and the local initiative matured into an Evelina London-wide project

What’s it like to work at Evelina London?

Working at Evelina London is great. I feel fortunate to work at such a prestigious children’s hospital where we're able to provide excellent care to children and young people, and their families, from all walks of life. Staff are exposed to a wealth of opportunities and specialisms within the hospital to develop our skills and careers. I feel well supported in my career progression and have been successful in promotion opportunities.

What is your passion?

I would say I have many passions and interests, all of which I'm involved in when caring for children and young people. My interests range from tracheostomies and ventilators to sickle cell disease. However, my ultimate passion is always providing safe and effective patient care for all. On a personal level, I am passionate about addressing and tackling institutional racism and achieving equality for all and I'm hoping to inspire positive change.

What’s next?

I'm looking forward to continuing to support equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives at Evelina London, and continuing to foster open conversations around race and inequalities. As a nurse, I'm looking forward to learning new things, gaining new skills and taking on any new opportunities that come my way.

What would you say to others who may be feeling the same as you?

I would say that Evelina London is a place for all and we are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, striving to make positive changes that benefit everyone. Staff, children, young people and their families from all walks of life are welcome and should be treated fairly. In the event that you feel this has not been the case, I would encourage anyone to be brave, speak up and call out inequality.

Colourful question marks drawn by a child

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