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What do you do, Kerry?

Kerry Engelbrecht is a highly specialist paediatric occupational therapist at the Royal Brompton Hospital

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""October 2022

What do you do?

I am a paediatric occupational therapist working in the neurodevelopmental therapy team and the long term ventilation team at the Royal Brompton Hospital. 

I work with infants and neonates supporting their development and promoting family-centred care.

Why did you get into the role?

I am passionate about neurodevelopment and educating and empowering parents and it’s wonderful when a career and passion come together!

Why do you love your job?

I love connecting with the babies and children I work with and have the opportunity to connect with families and build relationships that grow every day.

It also brings amazing collaborations with other members of multidisciplinary teams.

What is your proudest moment?

Supporting a mum hold her new born for the first time; and experiencing these beautiful moments of love, kindness and connection.

What are the main benefits of occupational therapy in a neonatal context?

Occupational Therapists play a very unique role in the neonatal context. Supporting parent occupations and relationships by listening to each family's story, watching every baby’s unique behaviour and adapting the sensory environment to support connections makes our role very special. Promoting infant development and parent and carer confidence and wellbeing is central to the occupational therapy process.

Why is it important to celebrate AHP day?

AHP day is an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate being part of the AHP family. It allows us to showcase the impact AHPs make to the delivery of high quality care, promote our professions and celebrate our skills and achievements. Hopefully today will help raise the profile of what we do and encourage others to train into one of these incredibly important roles.

Colourful question marks drawn by a child

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What do you do?

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