What to expect

A cartoon image that shows a healthcare worker receiving a phonecall and then transforming into some personal protective equipment. The health worker is saying "Quick, someone needs our help!"

More appointments by telephone or video call

We are organising more of our appointments by telephone or by video at the moment.

This means you might not need to travel to your appointment and can have it at home instead.

Face-to-face appointments


  • Katie Draws drawing wholeOur staff may be wearing masks in some areas, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) at the moment to keep you as safe as possible. Here is a funny cartoon by the artist Katie Chappell, which you can find in our buildings, explaining why this might make us look a bit silly! Please don't worry, all our staff are still really friendly and always try to make you happy and comfortable.

  • Remember that you can speak to us if you feel unsure about anything or have any questions.

What do you need to do when you arrive at our hospital or community site for an appointment?

Our reception at Evelina London. A member of staff is wearing a face mask.You can come to your appointment with up to 2 members of your family or carers.

There will be hand gel at our entrances to clean your hands.

You'll go to the reception desk and tell the adult your name and then you can sit down.

You'll go to your appointment. You might be examined by a doctor or nurse. Your family member or carer might come with you or might wait for you in a different room.

After your appointment, you can use hand gel to clean your hands again. 

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