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Inspiring Youth Conference 2019

Are you ready to be inspired and generate new ideas?
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This year, the fourth annual Evelina London Inspiring Youth Conference will be held on 21 October in Governors’ Hall, St Thomas’ Hospital.

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Agenda for the day

Our speakers


Dr Ronx wearing a bright yellow jacket

Dr Ronx - 10.30am
'You cannot be what you do not see' 
Come and hear Dr Ronx from Operation Ouch explain her motto and inspire you to reach your dreams.


Hannah outside and smiling at the camera

Hannah Phillips - 11.45am 
'Putting the humanity back into healthcare' supported by The Renaissance Foundation 
Help us improve the way young people move to adult healthcare services. 


Isabelle wearing a bright red top and smiling

Isabelle Everest - 1.15pm
'I'm not just the girl in the wheelchair' 
Isabelle, Pan Disability Judo Champion, will inspire you to reach your goals, even if you need to find a different way to achieve them.


Dr Ranj wearing a stethoscope round his neck

Dr Ranj - 1.30pm 
'Be happy, be healthy' 
Dr Ranj will share his experiences and advice about looking after yourself, taking control of your own health and wellbeing. 


Benna speaking at an event

Abstract Benna - 2.15pm
Spoken word artist
Benna will present a bespoke poem for Evelina London and inspire you to express yourself with poetry. 


A close up of a research slide

Research panel - 2.45pm 
The future of healthcare 
Hear about cutting edge research from our young scientists and ask them questions about the future of healthcare.

Submit a conference poster

We want to hear your ideas!

This year we encourage you to submit a conference poster. 

What is a conference poster?

A conference poster is usually a presentation of some research that has been done by a person or organisation attending a conference, these posters are then judged by experts and the winner given a prize.  We are giving this idea an interesting spin and asking for you to present an idea on ‘improving care for patients at Evelina London’ both in the hospital and our community.

We have created a template for you to use based on themes that we know are currently important to patients.  The posters will be judged by our panel of experts before the event. The winner and runner-up’s will be announced on the day. 

The deadline for poster submissions is 5pm on Friday 4 October 2019.

We have identified three areas of improvement for you to choose from:

  • Privacy – how can we respect your privacy in hospital and in our community? You could include ideas around technology, the way we speak to you and how we use your information, or something completely different. We have created a template to help you. Download the template for a privacy themed poster (Word 174Kb).
  • Emotional wellbeing – we know that supporting your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health is hugely important. Do you have new ideas about how we can support your emotional wellbeing? We have created a template to help you. Download the template for a emotional wellbeing themed poster (Word 174Kb).
  • Communication – How can we develop the way that we communicate with you?  What would you like us to communicate with you about?  Do you have ideas about the language that we use and how we could change it to suit your needs? We have created a template to help you. Download the template for a communication themed poster (Word 175Kb).

On your poster, please explain clearly:

  • The purpose of your idea
  • Describe the process you have taken
  • Why is your idea important?
  • What will your idea change?
  • Let us know how the results of your idea will affect the way that patients receive care

Please send your poster to Trish Gray at elchengagement@gstt.nhs.uk


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