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Life as a neurology senior house officer at Evelina London


Dr Yousef Basma is a senior house officer (SHO) ST3 paediatric trainee in neurology

Yousef explains...

What it's like training in neurology at Evelina London

As a neurology SHO at Evelina London, you get to:

  • work in a busy neurology ward that exposes you to a huge variety of neurological presentations from autoimmune encephelopathy to complex motor disorders. 
  • experience both chronic and acute presentations with referrals from a very varied catchment area
  • work with a large number of consultants with a wide variety of specialist interests in different aspects of neurology
  • be part of a supportive team with regular ward meetings
  • experience specialist teaching both on the wards and in the classroom.

What it's like being an SHO at Evelina London

At Evelina London, you work in a supportive environment with:

  • an opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of cases throughout daily ward rounds.
  • lots of opportunities to improve clinical skills
  • a very active academic department with opportunities to be involved in publications and audits.
  • interactive bleep free teaching sessions giving a great opportunity to be taught by experts in the field over a wide range of topics.
  • opportunities to carry out assessments on the ward with keen and approachable doctors (registrars as well as consultants).
  • a busy but supportive working environment in a variety of settings from the day unit to inpatients.
  • opportunities to attend specialist clinics.

What Yousef says

"You are exposed to both chronic and acute presentations with referrals from a very varied catchment area."