Life as a renal specialist registrar at Evelina London


Dr Jelena Stojanovic is a ST8 specialist registrar (SpR) in nephrology.

Jelena explains...

What this job can do for your career

This post can raise your training to the top level by:

  • training in the second largest paediatric renal transplant centre in the UK
  • doing joint clinics with a world expert in nephrotic syndrome
  • learning and understanding all about hypertension and acute kidney injury.

Working as a renal SpR at Evelina London

As part of ward duties you will:

  • lead ward rounds three days a week.
  • provide perioperative transplant care and ‘why not scrub for these transplants’
  • help manage renal emergencies – failing transplants, acutely unwell nephrotic syndrome, acute kidney injury, symptomatic hypertension and severe electrolyte abnormalities.

As part of clinical duties you will:

  • learn about complex transplant patients.
  • be part of a transition service in the most specialised Trust in the UK
  • experience working in a range of different clinics, including chronic kidney disease and general nephrology clinics
  • learn what happens to referrals from district general hospitals and GPs.
  • review patients on peritoneal dialysis and see what haemodialysis is all about.

As an outlier SpR you will:

  • provide renal input for patients in other specialties including intensive care (PICU) and neonatal intensive care (NICU)
  • be the first to take referrals from GPs and district general hospitals.


There is a full teaching program at Evelina London, including:

  • learning to critically appraise scientific papers and present in departmental seminars – a useful skill for START assessments
  • weekly teachings delivered by a consultant
  • presenting cases in radiology meetings and learning about imaging in nephrology
  • presenting cases on histology meetings and learning about various renal conditions
  • being part of a SPIN training department
  • experiencing how quality improvement and patient safety are done in practice.

What Jelena says

“The best part of the job is the excellent team you will work with and never knowing what the next referral will be about.

"Any employer will appreciate a general paediatrician with experience in nephrology.

"Directly supervising senior house officers is a great boost for your management skills.”