Assistive communication service equipment request report

There are some instances where it isn't necessary for your child to have a full assessment by our assistive communication service if you’re seeking funding for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) equipment.

These instances may include:

  • referrals for children who are competent and experienced in the use of a communication aid, but whose existing equipment is malfunctioning frequently or has ceased to work.
  • referrals from local AAC services and professionals with a significant level of AAC expertise and competency

When requests are received for funding equipment only, we use the quality assurance framework developed by NHS England to assess your child. The framework helps to:

  • make sure equipment is recommended that is appropriate to your child's needs
  • make sure equipment is provided equally and fairly across all national AAC services, in line with the Quality Standard for AAC services
  • support the maintenance and development of local AAC services
  • develop cost efficient and timely NHS services
  • identify training needs within local AAC services

A joint working party, supported by the Department of Education in partnership with the charities Communication Matters and 1Voice, has developed an equipment only request report. This helps the referrer to make an equipment request.

Download the NHS specialised AAC service equipment request report template (Word 66Kb).