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Surgery patient information leaflets

This page lists leaflets produced or used by our department. Each leaflet is reviewed at least every three years to make sure it is kept up to date

Admission information for operation or planned tests

This information leaflet will help you to feel more ready for your child's operation or planned test.

appendicitis in children

This leaflet explains about appendicitis in children.

Caudal analgesia

Caudal analgesia is a very common method we can use to provide pain relief for children during and after their operation alongside their general anaesthetic. This leaflet will explain how it is performed, the benefits, risks and side effects, and give guidance for when your child is discharged.

CIILA solution for post operative pain

This leaflet outlines one of the ways in which your child may have their pain controlled following an operation.

Follow up in the plastic surgery dressings clinic for your child

This leaflet provides information about what to do when your get home from your child's procedure and when to contact the hospital. Your child has had a procedure under the plastic surgery team and will require a follow up in our dressing clinic within seven to ten days after the procedure.

Inguinal hernias and hydrocoeles

This leaflet offers more information about inguinal hernias and hydrocoeles, including what they are, and how they are treated.

Jaw (orthognathic) surgery

This leaflet aims to answer your questions about having jaw surgery. It explains the benefits, risks and alternatives.

Paediatric admissions FAQs

This leaflet is a list of FAQs that parents have told us they would like to know before their child's admission to hospital for surgery or a planned test.

Pain – specialised pain relief methods for your child

This leaflet outlines some of the specialised techniques that may be used to provide pain relief (analgesia) for your child during or after surgery.

Pain management for your child at home following surgery

This leaflet explains more about pain relief for your child once you leave hospital.
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More patient information leaflets

For an A-Z list of all our patient information leaflets, please see the parents and visitors section.
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