Haemophilia and haematology team

This section provides information about some of the staff you may meet.


  • Jayanthi Alamelu, consultant children's haematologist
  • Samah Babiker, consultant children's haematologist
  • Nick Fordham, consultant children's haematologist


  • Clare James, children's haemophilia clinical nurse specialist
  • Emma Victoria-Nelson, children's haemophilia clinical nurse specialist
  • Sarah Lartey, children's haemophilia clinical nurse specialist
  • Natalee Murray, children’s idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura clinical nurse specialist

Other staff

  • Trupti Bhandari, children's haemophilia physiotherapist
  • Janet Roads, personal assistant and medical secretary
  • Sara AlAlaway, transition psychologist


To get in touch with a member of the haemophilia and haematology team, please contact our secretary, Janet Roads:

Phone: 020 7188 7545

Email: janet.roads@gstt.nhs.uk