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Your visit to sleep medicine services

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This page has information about what to expect when you visit our sleep medicine department at Evelina London.

Outpatient appointments

Assessment appointments for new patients in our children's sleep clinic are usually one hour long, with one of our senior members of the sleep team.

Appointments may be with more than one member of the team.

As we are a teaching hospital, students and visitors may be observing the team. We will always ask your permission for them to observe your appointment.

Observers are usually consultants from other hospitals and services gaining experience of children’s sleep problems. They may also include other professionals (eg specialist nurses, psychologists), doctors-in-training (‘junior doctors’) or medical students.

Experience gained in this way is an important part of training other doctors and healthcare professionals to look after children with sleep problems.

More information

At your appointment

An assessment of your child will be made during your appointment. This will include taking a detailed history of your child's health and circumstances, with particular attention paid to the sleep problems they are experiencing.

At the end of the appointment, we'll discuss our impression of your child's sleep problems and make recommendations for tests and treatment if appropriate.

After your appointment

After your appointment, we'll send a detailed letter to the referring doctor, usually within two to three weeks.

We'll also send a copy of this letter to you, your child’s GP, and any other doctors or professionals involved in your child's care. This may include your child’s school (with your consent).

We will often give you written information to take away with you after your appointment, with general information about children’s sleep but also with information specific to your child.

Treatments and further tests/investigations

We may recommend further tests and investigations for your child. These are usually ‘sleep studies’, carried out on a separate date within the next four to six weeks, but may also include blood tests or x-rays.

You will usually be able to arrange a date for your child’s sleep study with a member of the team before you leave after your appointment.

A small number of children may be recommended to have other investigations such as MRI, EEG or lumbar puncture.

Recommended treatment usually includes behavioural advice. This is because good routine and habits are key to the management of sleep problems in children. We will talk to you about this during your appointment, but may also refer you to local support services or our advanced sleep workshop.

Other recommendations for treatment, depending on the problem identified, may include a referral for consideration of surgery (eg adenotonsillectomy for obstructive sleep apnoea), weight loss, medication or use of equipment to support severely abnormal breathing in sleep (‘non-invasive ventilation’/CPAP or BiPAP). 

Where possible, most children are managed without medication for sleep problems. Where this is recommended, this information will usually be sent to the referring doctor and they will be asked to prescribe the medication if they agree.

In a small number of circumstances, treatment with medication may be recommended and started on the same day. In this case, a small initial supply of medication will be provided from our hospital pharmacy.

Follow-up appointments

If follow-up appointments are offered, these are usually shorter. Follow-up appointments are often with parents/carers alone, or by telephone if this is more convenient.



Outpatient appointment enquiries

Tel: 020 7188 4000
Email: PaediatricAppointmentsNeurology@gstt.nhs.uk

General enquiries (not relating to outpatient appointments)

Monday and Wednesday-Friday (9am-4pm).

Sleep studies (enquiries relating to appointments for diagnostic sleep studies which have been already discussed)

Tel: 020 7188 3427
Email: christine.o'connor@gstt.nhs.uk

Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

For referral contacts, please see our referrals page.

How to find us

For overnight sleep studies, daytime walk-in clinics and lung function tests.

Children's sleep and respiratory centre
1st floor, staircase D, South Wing
St Thomas' Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7EH

This department is only accessible via lift/staircase D.

Map of First Floor, South Wing, St Thomas' Hospital

For sleep outpatient clinics.

Children’s Neurosciences Centre (Newcomen Centre)
1st floor, staircase B, South Wing
St Thomas' Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7EH

This department is only accessible via lift/staircase B.

Map of First Floor, South Wing, St Thomas' Hospital

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