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Advanced sleep workshop

What is the advanced sleep workshop?

This workshop runs around four to five times a year and is for children with behavioural insomnia and sleep association interventions.

The workshop aims to provide psychological education on sleep. It includes a package of telephone support to help parents/carers undertake an behavioural interventions to address sleep difficulties in their child. 

Usually the parents that attend the workshop have children with a complex range of neurodevelopmental or medical needs. They may have already attempted behavioural interventions for sleep difficulties.

How can I get a place in the workshop?

Referrals are made to the advanced sleep workshop following initial assessment in the children's sleep clinic.

Referrals are usually made by our sleep consultants and occasionally external consultants.

What happens in the workshop?

Groups of five to six parents/carers are seen together in the workshop.

Psychoeducational information on sleep interventions for behavioural insomnia is given over three to four hours.

After the workshop

After the workshop, we provide a package of telephone support to support parents/carers with behavioural interventions.

Telephone support is undertaken by a member of our team.

Why do we run the workshop?

Meeting people with children who have similar sleep difficulties can be helpful for parents/carers.

The workshop also reduces the need for further follow-up sleep clinic appointments.


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