Strike action by junior doctors will take place at our hospital and community sites from 7am on Tuesday 11 April to 7am on Saturday 15 April. We'll contact you if you or your child’s appointment is affected. We apologise for any inconvenience.

A number of transport strikes are due to take place this March. If you or your child has an appointment at one of our hospitals or community centres, please plan ahead and do all you can to attend. If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact your clinical team.

Meet the sleep medicine team

We offer a comprehensive children's (paediatric) sleep medicine service.

This is only possible through the provision of a skilled multidisciplinary team (a team made up of lots of different health professionals).

This allows us to tailor assessments and interventions in the most complex sleep disorders, to the individual child.

Clinical team

  • Professor Paul Gringras  – sleep/neurodisability consultant, clinical lead sleep medicine
  • Jane Orgill RPSGT – diagnostic services lead
  • Dr Rebecca Martyn – lead clinical psychologist
  • Dr Michael Farquhar – sleep consultant
  • Dr Desaline Joseph – sleep consultant
  • Dr Federica Trucco – sleep consultant (joint post with Royal Brompton Hospital)
  • Theresa Ross – clinical nurse specialist/specialist health visitor

Sleep physiologists

  • Jane Orgill RPSGT – senior chief sleep physiologist/diagnostic services lead
  • Kirandeep van den Eshof RPSGT – chief sleep physiologist
  • Amarita Banga RPSGT – senior sleep physiologist
  • Ana de Castro Brito EST – senior sleep physiologist
  • Wayne Gyamfi – senior sleep physiologist
  • Suhilla Hashimi RPSGT – senior sleep physiologist
  • Susan Jones – senior sleep physiologist
  • Wioleta Kowalska RPSGT – senior sleep physiologist
  • Chris Reid RPSGT – senior sleep physiologist
  • Ayaan Ahmed – sleep physiologist
  • Sahar Ahmed  – sleep physiologist
  • George Bingham – sleep physiologist
  • Katie Caria-Preen – sleep physiologist
  • Tharima Chowdhury – sleep physiologist
  • Ana Costa – sleep physiologist
  • Ross Hanwell – sleep physiologist
  • Hamza Hassan – sleep physiologist
  • Sarusan Kugarajah – sleep physiologist
  • Joshua Piper – sleep physiologist
  • Franklin Sopuluchukwu – sleep physiologist/respiratory physiologist
  • Erica Tonks – sleep physiologist

Allied Team

Neurophysiology service

Long-term ventilation and respiratory assessment service

  • Ewa Benevides – ward sister (Snow Leopard)
  • Vanessa Everitt – matron (Snow Leopard)
  • Dr Simona Turcu – respiratory consultant, clinical lead respiratory medicine
  • Dr Jane Heraghty – respiratory consultant, lead for long term ventilation service
  • Dr Richard Iles – respiratory consultant
  • Dr Zehan Rahim – respiratory consultant
  • Dr Meredith Robertson – respiratory consultant
  • Sindhu Sivagnanasithiyar – lead respiratory physiologist (maternity leave)
  • Chadni Khanam – lead respiratory physiologist
  • Claire Atkins – clinical nurse specialist
  • Tamsyn Ginger – clinical nurse specialist
  • Victoria Powell – clinical nurse specialist
  • Lucinda Short – clinical nurse specialist
  • Helen Cranney – respiratory physiotherapist

Non-clinical staff

  • Lavinia Pamparau – service manager
  • Gloria Ekeng-Asare – assistant service manager
  • Layla Georgiou – department secretary
  • Alison Lambert – department secretary
  • Rachel Schneerson – department secretary
  • Elizabeth Sweny – department secretary
  • Rima Begum – admissions officer
  • Agnieszka Otohwo – admissions officer
  • Jonathan Robinson – admissions officer


Outpatient appointment enquiries

Tel: 020 7188 4000

Email: PaediatricAppointments

General enquiries (not relating to outpatient appointments)

Tel: 020 7188 4649
Email: gst-tr.PaediatricSleep

Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Sleep studies (enquiries relating to appointments for diagnostic sleep studies which have been already discussed)

Tel: 020 7188 3427

Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

For referral contacts, please see our referrals page.