If your child has been invited for a face-to-face appointment or procedure, it’s important you still come unless you hear otherwise.
To help keep everyone safe, only one parent or carer can attend. No other family or friends can visit.
See all our information about COVID-19, including steps we are taking to keep you safe.

What is research?

Research involves studying humans to find out the answer to a question.

This can be about learning to understanding how:

  • a disease works and how we can prevent it or treat it better
  • the body works and how disease affects different people
  • how patients and their families feel about their illness or treatment and how it affects you at school or at home.

A research study can involve:

  • doing a physical examination and following your child for a certain amount of time
  • taking blood tests to check things like your child's immune system or your genes
  • taking scans / pictures to learn more about how your child's body works
  • doing a sleep study and looking at how well your child sleeps
  • trying a new medication or a medication in another way.
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