Health coaching

As part of our service, parents may be offered coaching sessions with an occupational therapist.

"Health Coaching helps people gain and use the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to become active participants in their care so that they can reach their self-identified health and wellbeing goals." NHS England

Carer or parent coaching

Carers and parents know their child best and are the 'experts' in their family life.

We'll work with you to develop ways to support your child in learning the skills they want or need to do.

Occupational therapy workshop: building skills for independence

If you are invited to one of our occupational therapy workshops, please complete the following workbook before attending the workshop. It is really important that you complete the correct workbook before attending each session. Please call us on 020 3049 8181 if you any have difficulties completing the workbook.

The workbooks can be found here:

Frequently asked questions about occupational therapy workshop

If you have difficulties opening the workbook or logging into the workshop, please call us on 020 3049 8181 for support.