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Community occupational therapy leaflets

About community occupational therapy

Your child's community occupational therapy leafletThe 'Your child's community occupational therapy' leaflet (PDF 291Kb) provides information on how our community occupational therapists can help children and young people with practical skill difficulties gain independence and enjoyment from everyday life.

The leaflet covers:

  • what community occupational therapy is
  • different types of clinics and treatments
  • how get an appointment
  • what to expect from an appointment.

Child development pack

Child development packOur child development pack  (PDF 281Kb) offers tips and advice for parents/guardians who are concerned about their child’s development.

The pack covers:

  • developing through play
  • attention strategies
  • fussy feeders
  • getting dressed
  • bottom wiping
  • using cutlery
  • pre-writing skills
  • handwriting difficulties
  • starting out with scissors
  • ball skills.

School-age resource pack

School development packOur school-age resource pack (PDF 644Kb) offers advice to school staff and parents to help manage children's early difficulties at school:

The pack covers:

  • postural control
  • gross motor co-ordination
  • eye-hand co-ordination
  • bilateral co-ordination
  • visual perception
  • visual tracking
  • fine motor skills
  • letter formation
  • messy handwriting
  • word spacing
  • slow handwriting
  • scissor skills
  • dressing
  • ball skills
  • attention strategies
  • sensory snacks
  • self esteem.

Community Occupational Therapy News

Our quarterly newsletter for education and healthcare professionals brings you the latest updates from the community occupational therapy team.

Summer 2018: Back to basics and making referrals (PDF 348Kb)

Autumn 2017: Coordination skills and everyday activities (PDF 158Kb)

Winter 2016: Early years (PDF 218Kb)

Autumn 2016: Autism spectrum disorder (PDF 173Kb)

Summer 2016: Developmental coordination disorder (PDF 299Kb)

Winter 2015: More on us (PDF 234Kb)

Autumn 2015: Time for introductions (PDF 158Kb)

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