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Orthotic community service

Our community orthotic service provides a range of orthoses (artificial aids that support/correct unstable and/or painful joints) including:

  • footwear
  • insoles
  • ankle foot orthoses
  • knee braces
  • spinal braces/supports
  • upper limb orthoses
  • compression garments
  • custom-made orthoses.

We are primarily located at the Bowley Close Rehabilitation Centre and are linked with the diabetic foot clinic and the Frank Cooksey Rehabilitation Unit, both at King's College Hospital.

We run specialised orthotic clinics for children at Sunshine House and the Mary Sheridan Centre.

More information about our adult services is on the Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust website.


Rupert Maher - service manager, amputee rehabilitation and orthotics

Tel: 020 3049 7771
Email: rupert.maher@gstt.nhs.uk

Matthew McShane - clinical lead orthotist
Tel: 020 3049 7776


Tel: 020 3049 7776 

Mon-Fri, 8.30am-4.30pm

How to find us

We're based at Bowley Close Rehabilitation Centre, but run clinics for children at Sunshine House and the Mary Sheridan Centre.
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