Portion guide for food challenges

A guide to how much food to bring in with you for your child's food challenge or supervised feed 

Food being tested  Amount Examples
peanut  35g either whole nuts, ground nuts, peanut butter
bamba peanut snack  50g 2 packs
tree nuts  25g either whole nuts, ground nuts, or nut butter
milk (cow's milk or soya) 250mls or 100mls  

yoghurt, Nesquik or flavoured yoghurts can be used 

cooked egg   1 to 2 eggs, omelette, hard boiled, scrambled (needs to well cooked) 

cakes (baked egg or baked milk)

 3 fairy cakes  

recipes available on our website 




cooked, can be fresh or tinned 





sesame tahini paste: 20g sesame snaps: 35g  
lentils or beans 110g  cooked, can be fresh or tinned
fruits 100g  

We recommend that you bring a little extra of the food your child is being tested for to accommodate for any spillages.

We'll need to weigh out a portion of the food. You're welcome to bring in extra food separately to eat with the tested food.

For example, if you bring ground nuts and fruit puree, we could mix them together after we have weighed out a portion of the ground nuts.