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Allergy team

Our team of consultant allergists, specialist doctors, registrars and nurses and allergy dietitians provide a holistic approach to diagnosis and management.


  • Dr Helen Brough consultant and honorary senior lecturer in children's allergy, joint head of service and clinical lead
  • Dr Susan Chan – clinical research consultant in children's allergy and joint head of service 
  • Dr Kate Swan – consultant in children's allergy and joint head of service
  • Professor Gideon Lack – professor of children's allergy
  • Professor Adam Fox – consultant and honorary reader in children's allergy
  • Professor George Du Toit – consultant and honorary reader in children's allergy
  • Dr Alexandra Santos – senior clinical lecturer and honorary consultant in children's allergy
  • Dr Tom Marrs – locum consultant in children's allergy

Specialist doctors and registrars

  • Dr Lauri-Ann Van Der Poel – specialist doctor in children's allergy
  • Dr Suzana Radulovic – specialist doctor in children's allergy
  • Dr Morium Akhtar – clinical fellow in children’s allergy

Nursing staff

  • Rebecca Batt – advanced nurse practitioner
  • Vanessa Everett - matron
  • Katherine Knight – clinical nurse specialist
  • Gemma Schnitzer – clinical nurse specialist
  • Hannah Kramer – clinical nurse specialist
  • Heather Sharp – staff nurse
  • Prabalini Thaventhira  – deputy clinical nurse specialist
  • Courtney Hammond  –  deputy clinical nurse specialist
  • Mary-Jo Fogarty – deputy clinical nurse specialist
  • Rachael Green  – deputy clinical nurse specialist
  • Jemma Jackson – clinical research nurse
  • Sarah Watson – deputy clinical nurse specialist
  • Launa Benjamin – staff nurse
  • Sabrina Yamoah-Afrifa – staff nurse
  • Xanthe Gazard – staff nurse
  • Naminata Soumahoro – nursing assistant

Administrative staff

  • Janis Barnes – medical secretary
  • Mavis Laurent-Lewis – medical secretary
  • Jim Dickson – administrator team lead
  • Lynn Kingsmill – administrator
  • Stacey Pender – team leader
  • Karen Bloomfield – patient access officer
  • Clarissa Gumbs – patient access officer
  • Zeinab Obisesan – patient access co-ordinator

Specialist dietitians and psychologists

  • Rachel De Boer – specialist allergy dietician
  • Hasita Prinja – specialist allergy dietician
  • Ruth Chalmers – specialist allergy dietician
  • Kiran Tiwana – specialist allergy dietician
  • Cathy Hunt – specialist allergy dietitian
  • Polly James – clinical psychologist
  • Joseph Kibble – clinical psychologist
  • Karen Murphy – clinical psychologist


  • Matt Eardley – service manager
  • Belinda Buckthorpe – assistant service manager
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