Cardiology treatments

There are several types of congenital heart disease or CHD (heart problems present from birth). It is important for you to understand your/your child's condition, so that you know why you/they need a particular treatment.

Information about diagnosis and treatment for the different types of CHD can be found on our heart conditions page.

Most congenital heart diseases are diagnosed with echocardiography a test that uses ultrasound waves to produce images of the heart.

Extra imaging, like MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), or heart catheterisation, may also be needed.

Find out more about the diagnostic and treatment techniques we use:

  • echocardiography – an ultrasound scan of the heart
  • MRI – a type of scan that produces detailed pictures of the body
  • catheterisations – where a catheter is inserted into a large blood vessel in the body
  • heart surgery – surgery to correct or repair heart problems.