If your child has been invited for a face-to-face appointment or procedure, it’s important you still come unless you hear otherwise.
To help keep everyone safe, only one parent or carer can attend. No other family or friends can visit.
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What to expect from your child's appointment with our heart service

Patients from all over the world come here to be treated for their heart condition. 

We offer outpatient heart clinics and inpatient services. We care for children of all ages including the unborn child in fetal cardiology, and supporting patients into their transition to our adult heart services.

Your GP or paediatrician needs to refer your child to our specialist heart services.

Types, diagnosis and treatment

There are several types of congenital heart disease or CHD (heart problems present from birth). It is important for you to understand your/your child's condition, so that you know why you/they need a particular treatment.

All types of congenital heart disease are treated in our unit. Information about diagnosis and treatment can be found on our heart conditions page. The list does not cover all conditions, but we will make sure you have a good understanding of your child's (or your own) condition.

The Children's Heart Federation website also explains what each type of congenital heart disease is, how they are diagnosed and typical treatments.

Congenital heart disease is usually diagnosed by an echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or catheterisation of the heart. Please see our diagnosis and treatments section for more information.

Help and support

Find out how our children's heart services outreach team can help you and more about our counselling and social work services we offer to parents.


General enquiries including appointments:

Tel: 020 7188 1142

Appointments email: 

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Inpatients: 020 7188 8849

How to find us


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Inpatients – ward information

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