Skeletal dysplasia service

What is skeletal dysplasia?

Skeletal dysplasia (SD) is the medical term used to describe problems with the way the skeleton has grown. 

There are many different types of SD – some types are more common or more severe than others. People with different forms of SD may have reduced growth, problems affecting their bones and joints, and other medical problems. Many of the SD conditions are inherited, but for some affected people they are the first person in their family to have SD.

About the skeletal dysplasia clinic

This is a clinic that is held every 3 months. It is for children and young people with SD, where you and your child will meet several specialists in one appointment. You may see specialists from departments such as:

Specialist radiology and X-ray services are also available. 

At your child's appointment

The appointment will last about 40 minutes. You'll have the chance to speak to specialists about your child's condition and ask questions.

Your child will be measured by the growth specialist nurse and examined by doctors

We'll ask you about your child's health and how they are.

If any tests are needed, such as X-rays or blood tests, or if your child needs to see any other specialists, we'll organise this for you.

We'll discuss medical advice, plans for treatment and your child's diagnosis with you.

Because we're still trying to understand the cause and the effects of many types of SD, your family may be invited to take part in a research project. 

Further information about the research studies can be provided for those who are interested in taking part. If you decide not to take part, it will not affect your child's care in any way. 

After your appointment

After you have visited the clinic we'll send you a letter summarising what was covered in the clinic, as well as news of any test results. 

If your child needs further appointments with any of the specialists, we will arrange this for you.

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