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Orthopaedics and spinal surgery

We are a multidisciplinary team (a team made up a range of different healthcare professionals) specialising in the treatment of bone and joint problems in children. 

We are the largest dedicated children’s orthopaedic unit in the region, providing 4,500 outpatient appointments and around 500 operations a year. 

What we do

We treat bone and joint problems in children. We cover all aspects of general paediatric orthopaedic surgery including upper and lower limb problems. We specialise in the management of the orthopaedic aspects of neuromuscular disease, especially cerebral palsy.

We apply the most modern and up-to-date strategies to treat children with neuromuscular problems. There is a dedicated teenager complex hip clinic and we also treat sports injuries in adolescents. We provide a number of other subspecialised clinics including baby hip dysplasia, ponseti and triage clinics.

Find out more about what we treat on the conditions page.

Working together

Many of our patients have multiple and complex needs, and we work closely with other teams including:

We also assist our colleagues in the accident and emergency department with the management of children with orthopaedic emergencies, including fractures and infections.  




Orthopaedics nurse specialist
Tel: 020 7188 7188 (then ask for bleep 3129)

Spinal nurse specialist
Tel: 020 7188 7188 (then ask for bleep 0472)

Savannah Ward
Tel: 020 7188 5941 (reception) 020 7188 8852 (surgical)

Spinal outpatient queries
Tel: 020 7188 4000

Orthopaedic outpatient queries
Tel: 020 7188 4000

Outpatient clinic enquiries
Tel: 020 7188 4000 

Orthopaedic admission enquiries 
Tel: 020 7188 7188 (extension 82454

Spinal admission enquiries
Tel: 0207 188 7188 (extension: 58046)

For a full list of contacts, please see our team page.

How to find us


We hold our clinics on the ground floor of Evelina London.


Our surgical patients stay on Savannah Ward.


Your procedure might be scheduled to take place in the Children's Day Treatment Centre. If this is the case, it will say so in your admissions letter. Find out more about your child's visit to our children's day surgery unit. 

How to get to Evelina London