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Building a bigger and better children's hospital
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We need to grow our hospital in order to provide outstanding healthcare for children and young people, meeting their needs now and in the future. The number of patients needing our specialist care continues to increase.

Our award-winning building opened in 2005 and brought together Guy's and St Thomas' children's services under one roof to improve care for children and young people. Since the building first opened its doors, the number of children and young people we care for each year has more than doubled.

Take a look at some of our new facilities


We're working on it

Sky Ward

Cartoon sun and cloudsTransforming the 6th floor of Evelina London from offices to become Sky Ward.

Sky Ward will have 18 beds for our heart patients and 10 beds for children needing intensive care.



Imaging Technology

Expanding our imaging department with a brand new interventional imaging room with state-of-the-art equipment and a new MRI machine.

The imaging department will include a second MRI machine and an anaesthetic and recovery area. Specialist equipment will be used by expert staff to allow us to do more image-guided procedures. This means operations or investigations guided by images of inside the body.


Research Facilities

Improving our dedicated clinical research facilities will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of research in child health.

Two new and improved spaces for clinical research are specially designed to provide a family friendly environment.

A new space in St Thomas’ Hospital will mainly support allergy research and improved facilities within Evelina London are ideally located to support all other research.




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Completed in 2016-2018

Walrus (heart clinics)

Walrus now gives us more space for our children’s heart clinics.

Our heart clinics remain on 1st floor, Evelina London with more dedicated space for appointments, tests and treatments.

Snow Fox

Our new planned care ward, Snow Fox, has given us a bigger, more efficient space with 19 treatment areas to care for our day patients.

Snow Fox is located on 1st floor, South Wing in St Thomas’ Hospital.

Fetal Cardiology Unit

Our new purpose-built unit has been sensitively designed for the comfort of expectant parents and will provide specialist fetal heart scans for around 2,000 mothers every year.

Fetal cardiology is the study of a baby's heart in the womb. Located close to maternity services in St Thomas’ Hospital, families are now benefiting from brand new state-of-the-art facilities. A review room means doctors can observe scans to diagnose any problems there and then, cutting down on review and waiting times. 

The unit is home to a new ultrasound scanner to diagnose fetal heart abnormalities. Using specialist technology the equipment provides more detailed scans which can be done at an earlier stage in pregnancy.

New Children's Blood Test Centre

Elephant cartoonThe new blood test centre has been purpose-built with increased private space and improved wheelchair access. Since opening, the team have been able to cut waiting times by more than half.

More than 22,000 children and young people who need a blood test as an outpatient each year will now benefit from reduced waiting times.

Blood test (phlebotomy) services are provided by Viapath and the new space is located next to the adult blood test centre in St Thomas’ Hospital.

Penguin Outpatient Unit

More space for our kidney and rheumatology services means we can see around 2,000 children and young people for clinic appointments each year.

In a new space alongside other specialist children's outpatient areas within St Thomas' Hospital, the new unit has 12 new clinic rooms, a treatment room, a private family space and a dedicated physiotherapy gym for rheumatology patients.

Previously on the 1st floor of Evelina London, the new Penguin outpatients unit is located in the South Wing of St Thomas' Hospital.

Bigger Neonatal Unit

We have one of the largest Neonatal Units in England, caring for 1,000 babies a year.

Located next to the Maternity Unit in St Thomas' Hospital, we can care for mum's and babies before, during and after birth. We provide specialist care for babies with complex problems including conditions affecting the heart and brain. Expanding and improving the unit means we now have 22 intensive care cots and 12 high dependency cots. This was a 50% increase in critical care cots.

Snow Leopard Ward

Leopard and Eagle with Tree cartoonA brand new ward located in St Thomas' Hospital, Snow Leopard has six beds for children who rely on specialist equipment to help them breathe.

Snow Leopard helps to ease the move from hospital to home by providing a 'home from home' environment. The specialist team on Snow Leopard help to train parents and carers how to use ventilation equipment safely to prepare them for when their child is home. It has more space, is quieter and offers more privacy to patients and families. The ward has a playroom and a therapy room.

Before Snow Leopard opened, these patients stayed on general wards for very sick children. The unit has freed up beds on these wards so more children can be treated.

Growing Snow Leopard

In 2019 we opened an extended ward to make space for two new beds for neurorehabilitation and three beds for sleep studies to treat even more young people with a range of complex conditions.

Procedure Room

Our new Procedure Room means we can treat an extra 100 children each month with procedures like investigations or minor surgery.

Having a new room not only gives us more space but means we have released other theatres for more complicated planned operations and emergencies.

In July 2017, we treated our 1,000th patient in the Procedure Room.




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How will you be affected?

All our services will continue to run as usual while the works take place. When it's time for moves we'll let you know directly.

What's next?

We're also working on plans for a new building so that we can grow our hospital even bigger. These plans are at an early stage but we will share more as they begin to take shape.

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