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Community paediatricians

Information about some of our community general paediatricians you might meet.

We are part of a teaching establishment and may also have students attending our clinics. A number of doctors in training (specialist registrars) also work with us.

Lambeth team based at Mary Sheridan centre

  • Dr Narad Mathura– joint head of service , lead consultant for Lambeth, lead for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Trisomy 21
  • Dr Max Davie – consultant, Educational paediatric lead
  • Dr Mary Doyle – consultant, joint lead for Neurodisability and motor disorders
  • Dr Davina MacKenzie – consultant,  designated doctor for Safeguarding
  • Dr Anna Battersby – consultant, designated doctor for child death ( on mat leave)
  • Dr Emily Wilson – consultant, named doctor for looked after children
  • Dr Luximi Kabilan – consultant, lead for neurodevelopment
  • Dr Claire Wicks – consultant, joint lead for Neurodisability, Designated Medical officer for SEND
  • Dr Hema Palanyiaya, Neurodisability
  • Dr Jo Cryer ,joint lead for  Neurodisability and motor disorders
  • Dr Ayanda Jolobe – associate specialist- Named doctor for safeguarding , lead for bladder and bowel service
  • Dr Efun Johnson – associate specialist, designated doctor for looked after children
  • Dr Rush Wickramasinghe – associate specialist, medical advisor for adoption and fostering
  • Dr Amy Hughes – speciality doctor, lead for neonates and fibromatosis
  • Dr Venita Patel - speciality doctor, lead for obesity
  • Dr Sally AbdElazim– speciality doctor
  • Dr Lucy Webster – speciality doctor  
  • Dr Catherine Sikorski – Senior clinical fellow

Southwark team based at Sunshine House

  • Dr Bidisha Lahoti – consultant, Clinical Director for children's community services, special interest in Neurodisability , motor disorder and autism 
  • Dr Nikki Baatjes – consultant, designated doctor for child death
  • Dr Beatrice Cooper – consultant
  • Dr Kavitha Gunasuntharam – consultant, Lead for Neurodevelopment and community genetics
  • Dr Rosaleen Healy – consultant, designated doctor for safeguarding
  • Dr Stacy John-Legere – consultant, joint head of service, lead consultant for Southwark , designated doctor for looked after children
  • Dr Jess Turnbull – consultant, lead for Neurodisability designated medical officer for SEND
  • Dr Anne Wright – consultant, lead for enuresis, and trisomy 21
  • Dr Charmari Wijemanne, Consultant , lead for autism spectrum disorder
  • Dr Dolly Agarwal, Consultant , Named doctor for Looked after children 
  • Dr Claire Head , Consultant
  • Dr Nkiru Asiegbunam – associate specialist, named doctor for safeguarding
  • Dr Jon Clement – associate specialist, medical lead for hearing impairment
  • Dr Daya Nayagam – associate specialist, lead for HIV
  • Dr Patrick Fernandez – speciality doctor
  • Dr Luca Molinari – speciality doctor, medical advisor for adoption, immunisations lead
  • Dr Laura Ferguson – Senior Clinical Fellow
  • Dr Amanda Fenech Senior Clinical Fellow
  • Dr Ioannis Dimitropoulos – Senior Clinical Fellow



Lambeth – Mary Sheridan Centre

Tel: 020 3049 4005 

Southwark – Sunshine House

Tel: 020 3049 8100 

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