Audiology films

Watch our specially created films to help you and your child learn more about our audiology services.

Your baby's hearing test 

If your baby has been referred for a specialist hearing test at St Thomas' Hospital, please watch this film to find out more information about what to expect from your appointment. This test is called an ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response). 


My visit to children's audiology

Watch a film to help prepare your child for their hearing assessment and find out about the different types of tests that might be done during their appointment.

Join Noah and his mum as they visit the children and young people's audiology centre at St Thomas' Hospital.

Practising for my hearing test

Play audiometry is a way of testing children's hearing using listening games. Watch our video with your child to help prepare them for their hearing test.

Like in our film, practising 'Ready, Steady…Go!' games at home is a great way to teach your child the waiting and listening skills needed for this type of hearing test. Practising looking in each other's ears and with headphones or earphones can also help.

Examples of other 'Ready, Steady…Go!' games you can play at home include:

  • running or jumping
  • throwing or rolling a ball
  • using a stacking toy, like bricks
  • racing a car across the table or floor
  • putting a jigsaw piece in a puzzle

Remember, to help your child learn to wait before they can do the action, vary the time before you say …'Go!'

Making my new earmoulds

Ivy needs new earmoulds for her hearing aids. Watch this film with your child and see how impressions are taken of Ivy's ears to make her new earmoulds.

Earwax removal

To help prepare children for their appointment in the ear, nose and throat department at Evelina London Children's Hospital we have produced a video showing children attending a wax removal appointment.

The video shows the ear, nose and throat clinical nurse specialist removing wax with a specially designed wax removal scoop and microscope and suction. We also provide advice about taking care of your ears.


Children's audiology - the place, the service, the people

Learn about the children and young people's audiology centre and how it supports our patients and families.


What does my hearing loss mean for me?

Meet some of our older patients to find out how their hearing loss affects them and the advice they have for others.


My baby has hearing loss - what next?

This film explains the importance of early diagnosis and intervention, with advice from some of our parents whose babies were diagnosed with a hearing loss.

With thanks to Professor Carol Flexor for her collaborative work on the topics covered in these films.


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