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Our children and young people's audiology centre (CYPAC) cares for children and young people with hearing difficulties.

Children's audiology – video transcript

Patient: what makes children audiology special?

Jolanta: the people

Parent: the people

Kirsten: definitely the people

Patient: they're really friendly and they have the best toys!

Patient [using sign language]: world-class facilities

Patient: without them I wouldn't be able to hear.

Patient: Without this place I wouldn't hear very properly.

Jolanta, children’s audiology: The children and young people's audiology centre is one of the largest in England, serving six London boroughs. We are based at St Thomas' hospital in our purpose-built department where we provide an innovative, family-centred audiology service. We recognise that every child, young person and their family is unique and treated individually. Twenty specialist audiologists work across four different clinic sites, conducting approximately nine thousand appointments per year.

Michelle, children’s audiology: At St Thomas' we work closely with a wide range of other professionals, including specialists teachers, speech and language therapists, paediatricians and ear nose and throat specialists.

Amanda, children’s audiology: The Hummingbird clinic provides specialist hearing assessments for children with autism and complex needs. Each appointment is tailored to the needs of the individual child using information from the parents about their child's likes and dislikes, their interests and motivators and their favourite toys and music. We are able to really personalise the appointments for each child. We have a range of music from popular TV shows, nursery rhymes and other environmental sounds which we can use to modify the hearing assessment. 

Kerri, children’s audiology: The team are always open to new ways of working and conducting our clinics. We have been involved in research and trials to provide virtual appointments via the internet. A lot of work has also gone into supporting our patients when they transition from primary school to secondary school, or on to an adult audiology service. Our team will always ensure each of our patients is well prepared for their next steps.

Kirsten: We have an ongoing wish to be always improving and evolving based on scientific evidence and patient feedback.

Parent: The consistency of staff are fantastic. So the team that diagnosed Stefan at birth is still here. And I know that I can also drop a direct email or I can make a direct phone call if I need any advice or any help. Everyone has been super supportive. They really understand children's audiology which is the most important thing. You really feel, as well, that your child's an individual, and everyone makes a real fuss of them when they come, which is lovely.

Are you visiting us for a hearing assessment?

Watch our ‘My visit to children’s audiology’ film with your child, to help prepare them for their hearing assessment. Join Noah and his Mum as they visit children’s audiology and find out about the different types of tests that may be done during an appointment. 

My visit to children's audiology – video transcript

Today I am going for my hearing check at St Thomas' Hospital. Follow me!

We walk through the hospital, sometimes it can be a bit busy, but that's okay because I'm with my Mum.

We look for the big letter C and get in the lift to go up to the second floor.

We go into the waiting room and tell the lady on reception my name.

Now I get to play with the toys or look at the books while I'm waiting for my turn.

That's me!

My Mum has to answer some questions, but I get to play with more toys. It's great!

They look in my ears with a special torch. Sometimes it's a bit tickly!

Next they put a tip in my ear and it draws a picture on the computer. My ears are very clever.

Now it's time for my favourite bit. I get to play some listening games. I have to listen hard for all of the sounds.

It's good that my baby brother isn't here. He would make lots of noise and it would be hard for me to listen to all of the sounds.

Babies don't know how to play the listening game like me.

When they come for the hearing check, they have to listen for all of the sounds and they turn to see their favourite characters!

Older children do a different type of hearing test. They have to press a button every time they hear a sound.

I love playing all the games at the hospital!

We also have specially created films for children and parents about hearing loss.

Our hospital services

Our service is split into routine and specialist care. Our routine service provides hearing tests for children of all ages as well as care for children with middle-ear disorders. Our specialist service provides care for children with significant hearing loss, and hearing tests for children with complex needs.

We provide routine care for children in our local boroughs:

  • Lambeth
  • Southwark
  • Lewisham

We provide specialist care across south east London boroughs including:

  • Lambeth
  • Southwark
  • Lewisham
  • Bexley
  • Bromley
  • Greenwich

We also offer specialist hearing assessments for children with autism spectrum disorder or other complex needs in our Hummingbird Clinic.

Working in the community

In addition to St Thomas' Hospital, we have specialist clinics at:

and routine community clinics at: 

Our routine community clinics help us assess preschool and school age children to see if they have a middle ear disorder (for which they may need to be referred to their GP or an ear, nose and throat surgeon), or a more serious hearing disorder which requires further investigation.

At these clinics we work with colleagues from other services including:

Specialist hearing assessment for children with autism spectrum disorder or other complex needs

Thanks to Guy's and St Thomas' Charity, we have new and innovative ways of providing hearing assessment to children with autism spectrum disorder or other complex needs in our Hummingbird Clinic.


General enquiries

Tel: 020 3049 8560



Tel: 020 3049 8592

How to find us

Children and young people's audiology centre
2nd floor, South Wing, staircase C
St Thomas' Hospital
Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7EH

This department is only accessible via lift/staircase C.

Map of Second Floor, South Wing, St Thomas' Hospital (PDF 219Kb)


UKAS accreditation

IQIPS UKAS accreditation

No. 9980

We have achieved Improving Quality in Physiological Services (IQIPS) accreditation and are a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited medical diagnostic service, No. 9980 (PDF 243Kb).

The IQIPS scheme is an assessment and accreditation process designed to help healthcare organisations ensure that patients receive consistently high quality care.

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