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Occupational therapy team

Occupational therapy staff and their specialities
Elaine Doherty

Clinical lead

Complex neurodevelopment disabilities service

Caron Coleman Upper limb movement therapy, Rett and neuromuscular services
Denise Dockery Long-term ventilation, heart and upper limb management services
Hortensia Gimeno Complex motor disorders service
Sarah Glover Complex feeding clinic
Dr Anne Gordon Consultant occupational therapist in neuroscience, strategic lead for therapies and specialist upper limb intervention services
Ella MacDonald Inpatient therapy assistant
Jill Massey Rare bone diseases, metabolic bone, skeletal dysplasia, achondroplasia, plastic surgery and specialist upper limb intervention services
Dereena Minehane Specialist limb interventional service
Sarah Neilson Neurology and neonatal services
Robert Schneider Rheumatology, chronic pain and musculoskeletal pain services
Ben Siegle Advanced therapy assistant in specialist upper limb intervention
Monica Silva Upper limb movement analysis, ABI/stroke and upper limb intervention services
Annemarie Sims Complex neurodevelopmental disabilities, epilepsy and complex feeding services
Manuela Spera Orthopaedics and neurology services
Katy Strudwick Complex neurodevelopmental disabilities and complex feeding services


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