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London Paediatric Sleep Group

What is the London Paediatric Sleep Group?

The London Paediatric Sleep Group is made up of professionals from the different paediatric sleep centres within London and the south east, including:

  • Evelina London Children’s Hospital
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
  • The Royal Brompton Hospital
  • St Mary’s Hospital
  • The Royal London Hospital
  • St George’s Hospital
  • Southampton Children’s Hospital
  • King's College Hospital

The group meets three times a year for an academic session relating to paediatric sleep medicine, with the host venue rotating between different sites.

These meetings offer a regular opportunity for professionals from all disciplines working within paediatric sleep medicine to meet to:

  • discuss new developments and research
  • share complex clinical problems
  • agree common pathways for assessing and managing sleep problems,
  • discuss technical aspects of providing specialised services and investigations.

The meetings are also an opportunity to meet other professionals working within this small sub-specialty of paediatrics.

How can I attend?

Meetings are coordinated by Dr Michael Farquhar at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, and usually occur in January, May and September of each year.

Interested professionals are always welcome to attend, and this can be arranged by contacting Dr Farquhar in the first instance.

Previous meetings


Please contact Dr Michael Farquhar for more information about the group.