If your child has been invited for a face-to-face appointment or procedure, it’s important you come unless you hear otherwise. See all our information about COVID-19, including our most current visiting information.

Meet our school nursing team

Our school nursing team is made up of a variety of different roles, including school nursing assistants, primary care practitioners, community staff nurses, school nurses, specialist school nurses and practice teachers.

If you would like to speak to a member of the management team then please use the details below:

Monica Sherry – Head of Nursing, universal children’s services
Tel: 020 3049 8075
Email: monica.sherry@gstt.nhs.uk

Denise Phillips – Community Matron, community children's services
Tel: 020 3049 5400
Email: denise.phillips@gstt.nhs.uk 

Cecilia Olunuga – School Nurse Team Leader, Southwark
Tel: 020 3049 6468
Email: cecilia.olunuga@gstt.nhs.uk

Isla Ferns – School Nurse Team Leader, Southwark
Tel: 0203 049 7102
Email: isla.ferns@gstt.nhs.uk  

Caroline Machamire – healthy weight specialist nurse, Lambeth
Tel: 020 3049 5113
Email: caroline.machamire@gstt.nhs.uk

Kathryn Dean – practice development lead
Tel: 02030497258
Email: kathryn.dean@gstt.nhs.uk

Darren Johnson – service manager
Email: darren.johnson@gstt.nhs.uk

Julie Hayward – business co-ordinator
Email: julie.hayward@gstt.nhs.uk