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Microtia and atresia specialist clinic

What is microtia?

Microtia is the medical term meaning a small or missing ear. It can affect one ear, or both ears (less common).

People with microtia often have blockages meaning sound cannot pass through the normal route of hearing. However, although the middle and outer ear are affected, the inner ear is usually healthy. This means that hearing can be restored by bypassing sound through the bone in the inner ear.

If both ears are affected, people with microtia will need a form of hearing aid.

About our specialist microtia clinic

At our Hearing Implant Centre, we provide children with microtia with permanent solutions, such as bone anchored hearing aids, bone conduction hearing aids and possibly middle ear implants.

What type of implant your child is given, depends on what part of their hearing is affected. 

Your child's hearing options will be discussed within our team of experts, to offer them the best option for their needs.

The clinic takes place four-five times a year.


Tel: 020 7188 6245

Repairs and spares

Tel: 020 7188 6245

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