Hearing implant centre useful resources

Using your hearing implant

YouTube videos about using your cochlear implant processor: YouTube videos about using your bone conduction or middle ear implant processor:

Rehabilitation resources

You may find these resources helpful for supporting your child's progress after they've received an implant.

Rehabilitation resources for all ages on the Cochlear website.

Rehabilitation resources for all ages on the Advanced Bionics website.

The Listening Room on the Advanced Bionics website offers a range of free activities and resources to support the development of speech, language, and listening skills in people of all ages.

Rehabilitation support on the MED-EL website.

Support groups

Some children, young people and their families find it helpful to join a support group.

The Advanced Bionics hearing journey support group.

Join the MED-EL community.

The Cochlear family programme.

National Cochlear Implant Users Association.

Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group.

Hearing Link.

Further information

Advanced Bionics website.

Cochlear website.

MED-EL website.

Information about the Ponto System on the Oticon Medical website.

British Cochlear Implant Group website.

The National Deaf Children’s Society.

Tinnitus UK website.

Information for people who are deafblind on the Sense website.

Information about tinnitus on the NHS website.

National highly specialised mental health care to deaf children and young people on the South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust website.