If your child has been invited for a face-to-face appointment or procedure, it’s important you come unless you hear otherwise. See all our information about COVID-19, including our most current visiting information.

Hearing implant team

Our specialist team is at the cutting edge of hearing implant technology and research, supporting your child at every stage of their care. 

Consultant surgeons

  • Dan Jiang – consultant otolarynologist, skull base surgeon and head of the Hearing Implant Centre
  • Gavin Morrison – consultant ENT surgeon and head of children's otolaryngology service
  • Irumee Pai – consultant otolarynologist
  • Harry Powell – consultant ENT surgeon
  • Kristy Fraserkirk – fellow

Audiological scientists

  • Katherine Wilson – joint co-ordinator and principal audiological scientist
  • Marsha Jenkins – principal audiological scientist
  • Tisa Thomas – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Ashok Waghe – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Kirsty Morrish – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Arooj Majeed – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Sianne Green – senior audiological scientist

Speech and language therapists

  • Sandra Driver – joint co-ordinator and principal speech and language therapist
  • Kathryn Webb – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Lauren Hegarty  – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Hazel Walters – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Alice Montgomery  – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Caroline Bartrop – specialist speech and language therapist
  • Natasha Shalitta – specialist speech and language therapist

Hearing therapist

  • Karen Archer – principal hearing therapist

Teachers of the deaf

  • Jeanette Martin – principal teacher of the deaf
  • Heather Crofts – senior specialist teacher of the deaf
  • Linda Baxter – senior specialist teacher of the deaf
  • Jo Garvey – senior specialist teacher of the deaf
  • Lois Couch – senior specialist teacher of the deaf

Assistant technical officers (ATO)

  • Alexandra Ribeiro – assistant technical officer
  • Moz Begum – assistant technical officer


  • Sandra Allen
  • Marcena Newell
  • Aji Sarr
  • Anna-Marie Johnson
  • Andre Panton