Hearing implant team

Our specialist team is at the cutting edge of hearing implant technology and research, supporting your child at every stage of their care. 

Consultant surgeons

  • Dan Jiang, consultant otolarynologist, skull base surgeon and head of the hearing implant centre
  • Harry Powell, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon and hearing implant surgeon
  • Nikul Amin, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon and hearing implant surgeon

Audiological scientists

  • Katherine Wilson, joint co-ordinator and principal audiological scientist
  • Marsha Jenkins, principal audiological scientist
  • Aneeka Degun, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Jannet Horton, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Arooj Majeed, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • David Pascoal, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Sali Salah, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Hemna Santilale, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Tisa Thomas, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Ashok Waghe, senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Roopal Mehta, senior specialist audiological scientist


  • Sandra Driver, joint co-ordinator and principal rehabilitationist
  • Christine Rocca, joint co-ordinator and principal rehabilitationist
  • Heather Crofts, deputy principal rehabilitationist
  • Danuta Wdziekonska, senior specialist rehabilitationist
  • Caroline Bartrop, senior specialist rehabilitationist
  • Linda Baxter, senior specialist rehabilitationist
  • Jo Garvey, senior specialist rehabilitationist
  • Lauren Hegarty, senior specialist rehabilitationist
  • Susanna Lutman,  senior specialist rehabilitationist
  • Kathryn Webb, senior specialist rehabilitationist
  • Joanna Geal, assistant rehabilitationist


  • Amelia Carton,  senior specialist clinical psychologist

Assistant technical officers (ATO)

  • Eryn Morley, assistant technical officer