Hearing implant team

Our specialist team is at the cutting edge of hearing implant technology and research, supporting your child at every stage of their care. 

Consultant surgeons

  • Dan Jiang – consultant otolarynologist, skull base surgeon and head of the Hearing Implant Centre
  • Gavin Morrison – consultant ENT surgeon and head of children's otolaryngology service
  • Irumee Pai – consultant otolarynologist
  • Harry Powell – consultant ENT surgeon
  • Kristy Fraserkirk – fellow

Audiological scientists

  • Katherine Wilson – joint co-ordinator and principal audiological scientist
  • Marsha Jenkins – principal audiological scientist
  • Tisa Thomas – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Ashok Waghe – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Kirsty Morrish – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Arooj Majeed – senior specialist audiological scientist
  • Sianne Green – senior audiological scientist

Speech and language therapists

  • Sandra Driver – joint co-ordinator and principal speech and language therapist
  • Kathryn Webb – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Lauren Hegarty  – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Hazel Walters – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Alice Montgomery  – senior specialist speech and language therapist
  • Caroline Bartrop – specialist speech and language therapist
  • Natasha Shalitta – specialist speech and language therapist

Hearing therapist

  • Karen Archer – principal hearing therapist

Teachers of the deaf

  • Jeanette Martin – principal teacher of the deaf
  • Heather Crofts – senior specialist teacher of the deaf
  • Linda Baxter – senior specialist teacher of the deaf
  • Jo Garvey – senior specialist teacher of the deaf
  • Lois Couch – senior specialist teacher of the deaf

Assistant technical officers (ATO)

  • Alexandra Ribeiro – assistant technical officer
  • Moz Begum – assistant technical officer


  • Sandra Allen
  • Marcena Newell
  • Aji Sarr
  • Anna-Marie Johnson
  • Andre Panton